I seem to have read a number of blogs or articles recently where the writer is saying that we, as those who are Christ followers, are in a time of change, a time where things are about to change, priorities changed and breakthroughs coming. I wonder if that isn’t always true, and that change can be positive or negative, depending on our response. There does seem to be an increased call to not miss what is coming, what are your prophetic “juices” telling you?

For me personally it comes down to faith. It means that whatever comes my way, I want to respond to it with the eyes and ears of faith. Jesus was always looking for what His Father was doing in any and every circumstance. Faith is what releases the joy of heaven, and the hope we need to press on, for I know that “to those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose” (Rom 8:28).

The question then is more about discovering the purpose of God than it is about change, for if I am in or called to the purpose of God, then He will work it out. What has God called me to? What has he placed in my heart that makes me the right person for the time and moment?

As Phelim preached on Sunday, We did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but a Spirit of adoption as sons (yes and daughters!), by which we cry “Abba! Father!”.

The future should hold no fear for you or me. Yes there will be hardships and opposition, but as the children of God we come with confident, even daring faith into the new day.



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  1. Very true as we are living in the last days. Things are changing sometimes lately hourly. Are we ready for the rapture?
    I’m new in the area have moved into the he Bordon area a few weeks ago and looking for a Spirit filled church with His Word as our handbook.
    Please could you let me know what your church stand for as I would love to be part of a church that is real and Christ our Saviour, coming soon us proclaimed .



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