Jubilee Church Whitehill & Bordon is part of a partnership with Jubilee Church Farnham.

The beginnings of Jubilee Farnham goes back to 2002 when a number of people locally were joined by others from further away with a vision to see a Church in Farnham that valued Bible as truth coupled with a desire to embrace the work and ministries of the Holy Spirit in the lives of ordinary people.

It was always the desire of the church to come alongside other churches in the town to encourage and where valuable work with them.

In Whitehill and Bordon our values are much the same. Our journey started when we realised that we had a number of people travelling to Farnham from Bordon each week. There also seemed an opportunity with the plans to increase the size of Whitehill & Bordon to see a healthy church established in the locality.

Our first public meeting in Bordon was Easter Sunday 2014. We started with monthly afternoon meetings, based at the Forest Community Centre until September of 2014 when we shifted to weekly morning meetings, still using the Forest Community Centre, which has proved to be a wonderful and central venue for our Sunday gatherings.

Jubilee Whitehill & Bordon is now a small but thriving church made up of all ages and many nationalities, seeking to represent the love and grace of God in our community.