our Children and Families Worker

Bisi - Children's Worker

We are taking small steps toward providing a Children’s Ministry at Jubilee Church

The first step is now completed with the appointment of Bisi as our children and families worker.

The second step
is to provide for babies, toddlers and the younger children on a Sunday morning. This we plan to be in operation come September 2023.

We also plan to include some all-age services in our program. Visitors of all ages are always welcome at our services.

Our Mission

The Bible tells us that, as Creator, God knew our children long before they entered this world.

Our faith informs us that our children belong to God, and are entrusted into our hands for a season. 

 Within Jubilee Church no parent stands alone, no child is without many spiritual aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers. We are here to help in this awesome and exciting responsibility of raising children. 

Will they grow to have faith in Christ, having heard the stories of Jesus? 

Will His truth be so lived out before them so that they too will know the truth, and that truth set them free?

Will they be encouraged to walk by faith, little by little, be forgiven when they fall, and be called one day to the greatest journey of all – to follow Jesus through the waters of baptism and beyond to fall in love with our saviour themselves?

The answer to those questions in the affirmative is our mission.

Point your kids in the right direction – when they’re old they won’t be lost Proverbs 22:6

Sunday mornings 

 From September, we will be in Room 4 at 11am with pre school and primary aged children for singing, stories, dancing, praying, games and crafts. Parents are welcome to register and drop off their child or stay and play with us.

For older children, there will be independent activities to complete at back of hall under care of parents.


Our Farnham church has an excellent youth work, and currently we encourage our young people to get involved there.